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John CarenenThe Face On The Other SideJohn Carenen

John Carenen, a native of Clinton, Iowa, graduated with an M.F.A. in Fiction Writing from the prestigious University of Iowa Writers Workshop and has been writing ever since. His work has appeared in numerous popular and literary magazines, and he has been a featured columnist in newspapers in North and South Carolina. A novel, Son-up, Son-down was published by the National Institute of Mental Health. His debut Thomas O'Shea mystery novel, Signs of Struggle, was published in October of 2012. A Far Gone Night, the long-anticipated sequel, continues the exploits of the enigmatic protagonist and the quirky characters of Rockbluff, Iowa. John is a former English professor at Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina. He and his wife live in their cozy cottage down a quiet lane in northern Greenville, South Carolina. He is a big fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes and Boston Red Sox.

The Face on the Other Side (FPS, paperback, 2/20/18, $16.95)

He’d promised Sheriff Payne that he wouldn’t take any more matters into his own hands. So, when on a leisurely morning drive, SEAL-trained Thomas O’Shea sees two girls attacking a boy on a sidewalk, he opts not to intervene. When the boy is later murdered in the local hospital, though, all promises are off. What seems at the start to be a simple case of gang activity turns out to be far more. Even O’Shea, who has seen more than his share of evil, could not have guessed what is about to transpire…

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Sara ChristieThe Wrecking CrewSara Christie

Sara Christie, a graduate of Clemson University, is a nurse practitioner. She has a passion for medical mission work and has traveled to Honduras, Cameroon, and Brazil working in various medical capacities. Sara, her husband Matt, and their son Jacob, age 9, are fans of the Clemson Tigers and on fall weekends you can likely find her at Death Valley or working in her flower beds outside. Jacob is active with Little League and youth football, and this keeps her very busy. The Wrecking Crew is a tribute to Sara's family history and their connection to Savannah, Georgia. Sara and her family live in Greenville, South Carolina.

The Wrecking Crew (FPS, paperback, 10/10/17, $11.99)

In the 1880s, the Seaboard & Roanoke Railroad and other lines in the Carolinas were combined. Seaboard's lease of the Georgia, Carolina & Northern Railway in 1889 gave it a connection to Atlanta. In 1899, the addition of the Florida, Central & Peninsular Railroad connected the cities of Savannah, Georgia, and Jacksonville, Florida.

On July 1, 1900, the entire system was consolidated and reorganized as the Seaboard Air Line Railway, a 2600-mile network stretching from Virginia to Florida. Given that in 1900, the Wright Brothers and other inventors had not yet succeeded in bringing the airplane into existence, the "Air Line" in the railroad's name referred to its direct routes.

This is a story about a "wrecking crew," men who stood by -- ready to go on a moment's notice to a train that had crashed or derailed, where they would clear or repair the tracks and get the railroad back in service.

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Viveka Tolf ElworthyAu PairViveka Tolf Elworthy

Viveka Tolf Elworthy was born in southern Sweden on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Educated in Stockholm, she worked as a teacher before going abroad to Spain. When her contract there was up, she decided to give America a try -- for a year (and yes, as an au pair) -- and ended up staying for a lifetime. She fell in love with and married a widower with six children. They would add one more to the mix. In addition to her children, Viveka now has six grandchildren and lives in Greenville, South Carolina. Au Pair is her first novel.

Au Pair (FPS, paperback, 11/28/17, $14.95)

It’s the 1960s. The Vietnam War is in full swing and Lyndon Johnson is President of the United States. When Birgit Svenson, a young Swedish woman sees an advertisement for an au pair in America, she is sure it would be an exciting year-long adventure. She applies for the job and is hired by Brad and Lindsey Fillmore, a wealthy Connecticut couple with a precocious 11-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. Birgit and Elizabeth become close, but the young Swedish woman’s relationship with the young girl’s mother Lindsey, an exotic beauty and temperamental artist and painter, is rocky. Still, all goes smoothly until Elizabeth accidentally sees Birgit try on an expensive dress in Lindsey’s closet -- one Birgit had wanted for herself but couldn’t afford. The dress, of course, fits the young au pair perfectly, and soon she is thinking of other things in the Fillmore household that might fit her as well...

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A. Scott HendersonGin and GardeniasA. Scott Henderson

A. Scott Henderson is the William J. Kenan Jr. Professor of Education at Furman University. Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, he is the author/editor of four non-fiction books. His poems have previously appeared in Chelsea Station Magazin and Smartish Pace. Scott has lived in Greenville, South Carolina, since 1995.

Gin and Gardenias (FPS, paperback, 9/29/15, $12.95)

Gin and Gardenias is a powerful verse memoir about the social, political, and spiritual challenges of forging a male gay identity in the South.

"Gin and Gardenias is a remarkable book that chronicles what Adrienne Rich has called 'the damage that was done / and the treasures that prevail.' Scott Henderson’s verse memoir of growing up gay in the South, of finding and losing his beloved partner, and of embracing his own identity will touch your heart and mind in equal measure. He has prevailed with candor, with tears, with hard-earned laughter, and with verbal and spiritual grace." -Gil Allen, member of the South Carolina Academy of Authors and winner of the 2007 Robert Penn Warren Prize in Poetry

"Each of these poems tells a powerful story. Taken together, they form a moving memoir of the struggle to find one’s true self amid the byways and folkways of the American South. Scott Henderson writes honestly and authentically, with phrases and images beautifully honed and pitch-perfect. Best of all, he hides nothing from the reader, a gracious gift that is entirely rewarding." -Paulette Alden, author and winner of a 2013 Best Indie Book Award for The Answer to Your Question

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Davis HornerTales of the Astro CatDavis Horner

Davis Horner (author) has been a freelance writer for many years as well as a staff features writer for The EdgeCreative LoafingThe PointThe Travelers Rest Monitor, and other publications. He has published poetry and short stories in regional and national literary journals.






Kathleen HornerKathleen Horner

Kathleen Horner (illustrator) is a professional artist and photographer having been involved in free lance work for over 30 years. She is also an avid amateur astronomer and highly active in her local astronomy club and for years has contributed her Astro Crafts blog with Astronomers Without Borders, home of the world's largest community-based astronomy programs. Her love of astronomy and the night sky feeds her inspiration and passion to create artistically rendered earth and night sky digital photography artwork. In addition, she is owner of Flower Sculptures and sells her custom designed artwork to the museum industry nationally.

Tales of the Astro Cats (FPS, paperback, 4/17/2018, $19.95)

Behind every great scientist stands a great cat. From the patriarch, U Phat Khat of the medieval kingdom of Siam, through to the present day, this remarkable line of lynx point Siamese cats continually become entwined in the lives and careers of many of the great natural philosophers and scientists, both men and women, of the past 700 years, including Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, and Halley, up to the legendary figures of the twentieth century. Notable felines like Unity the Gravity Cat, Simon the Comet Cat, Alabaster Pericles — famed for A Trip to the Moon — and Perseus, also known as Schrodinger’s Cat, leap from these pages and take the reader on their amazing and sometimes strange adventures. 

These cats, though not lacking in intelligence or curiosity, could not have made the contributions they did without the help of a certain conical shaped hat. Called the Purple Cone by some, its origins date back to antiquity — to Alexandria during the time of the astronomer Hypatia. This hat is handed down through generations of cats and endows its wearer with some unexpected virtues and powers.

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Sue Lile InmanYear of the Snake: 1989Sue Lile Inman

Sue Lile Inman has taught English at Clemson and Furman universities, and has published prose and poetry in regional magazines and literary journals. A founding member of Emrys Foundation, she served as the Emrys Journal's first editor and is a past president of its board. Her published books include poetry -- Voice Lessons (1998) and Miriam in the Wilderness (2005), and nonfiction -- Growing in Faith: A History of Westminster Presbyterian Churc, 1947-2007. Since 1963, Sue and her husband Sam have made their home in Greenville, SC, and have four adult children and four grandchildren. Year of the Snake: 1989 is her first novel.

Year of the Snake: 1989 (FPS, paperback, 6/23/15, $19.99)

The year 1989 brings upheaval, betrayal, and change to David Archer, minister of Harmony Presbyterian Church. He, his friends, family, and his nemesis -- Deborah Baker, the new associate minister -- struggle to find their rightful places despite their flaws and failings.

Set in Upstate South Carolina before the days of the Internet, smart phones, and tablets, Year of the Snake: 1989 takes place in a time of transition and transformation -- where a New South is emerging, but under the kudzu, the heart of the old still beats.

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Diecy LawrenceMy Journey: Small Town, USA, Circa 1920-1930: Other Rhymes AND TymesDiecy Lawrence

Diecy Lawrence Gray Brennemann was born in 1918 and reared in Inman, S.C. She is the mother of four children, grandmother to nine, and great-grandmother to ten. She loves poetry and has written on every subject imaginable. She has been a pioneer for women in the real estate business for over 40 years in Spartanburg, S.C.

My Journey: Small Town, USA, Circa 1920-1930: Other Rhymes AND Tymes (FPS, paperback, 4/5/16, $9.95)

My Journey is a collection of poems celebrating life in the U.S. In the early to mid 20th century. Often poking fun at characters known in the small town of her beginnings, Diecy also strikes a chord about the not-so-fun times, describing the bittersweet challenges faced by those alive during the Great Depression and the faith that carried them through.

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Jeffrey LefkoMorrie & DorothyJeffrey Lefko

Jeffrey J. Lefko has combined a professional healthcare management career with an avocation for writing children's stories for his nine grandchildren. Two of those stories have already been shared with other children in book form: Solomon Squirrel's Amazing Chanukah Adventure and Solomon Squirrel's Amazing Washington, D.C. Adventure. All of Jeff's stories offer a special message, but Morrie & Dorothy is particularly special to him, as the main characters are a tribute to his parents, who, during their lives together, demonstrated an unending and selfless devotion to each other. Jeff lives and works in Greenville, SC.

Morrie & Dorothy (FPS, paperback, 1/5/16, $12.95)

From the day they were born, best friends Morrie and Dorothy have done everything together. But when they try out for a job after school, it looks like that's going to change...

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Beth Lindsay TempletonThe Christmas Strawberry...and Other StoriesBeth Lindsay Templeton

Beth Lindsay Templeton, Founder and CEO of Our Eyes Were Opened, Inc., is a public speaker, Presbyterian minister, retreat leader, and writer. For many years, she worked at United Ministries, a non-profit in Greenville, South Carolina, where she worked with both "the have-nots" and "the haves." Since 2007, she has focused on a ministry with "the haves" so they can enlarge their thinking about people who live in poverty in order to reduce judgment and increase compassion.

Beth works with congregations, schools, universities, medical facilities, women's groups, civic groups, and businesses in Greenville and around the country. She is the author of nine books. Beth is a graduate of Presbyterian College and Erskine Theological Seminary. She and her husband have three married sons and five grandchildren.

The Christmas Strawberry...and Other Stories (FPS, paperback, 11/28/17, $12.00)

This collection of stories and poems by Beth Lindsay Templeton reflects on the inherent contrasts of Advent and Christmas for everyone from the financially challenged to the loneliness of those without families to those burdened by the secular focus of the season-and the hopefulness that survives even in the midst of suffering.

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Shirley Proctor TwissMyraShirley Proctor Twiss

After 24 years teaching special-needs students, enjoying the growth of her three children, and following her husband's career to different locations, retirement gave Shirley Proctor Twiss the chance to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Shirley, who refers to herself as a story keeper, lives in Greenville, South Carolina. Myra is her fourth book.

Myra: The Girl...The Woman...The Legend (FPS, paperback, 11/28/17, $12.99)

Cotton in AugustaJoy in the Morning, and From Myra to Laura spanned the life of Myra -- the girl, the woman, the legend -- and endeared her to readers. The legend continues in this new book by author Shirley Proctor Twiss. Eight short stories delve into the lives of featured characters who interacted with and influenced Myra's life. The ending novella shows glimpses of the impact she had on the life of her granddaughter, Laura.

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Sandy WellsYou Did WHAT?Sandy Wells

Sandy Wells was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and spent many summers in Jacksonville, Indian Rocks, and Lakeland, Florida, with his aunt and grandparents. After college and the Navy, he entered the business world as a salesman. He moved to Greenville in 1975 with his wife and daughters, to work with an industrial equipment distributor. During his 39-year career, Sandy was in sales, management, and design. He is now retired and enjoys visiting his two married daughters and three grandchildren. Sandy began writing humorous and memorable stories about his family after his mother died. You Did WHAT? will leave fond memories for his children and grandchildren to enjoy about their family.

You Did WHAT? (FPS, paperback, 12/15/15, $12.95)

From the preface: "After my mother's death in 2000, a friend suggested that I write about my parents and family. Beck had heard and enjoyed many of their stories and thought other people would enjoy them as well. The best thing about undertaking this project is that I have enjoyed reminiscing about my family and the good times we had. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed living them."

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Brian WoolfThe Speaker's ToolboxBrian Woolf

Brian Woolf is a speechaholic. He loves listening to speeches, thinking about them; and he loves reading and studying them -- their makeup, their message, their "music" -- to discover their magic. It wasn't always so. In High School he avoided entering the annual speech contests as if they were Zika mosquitos. While at University he "bombed" with a speech at a major black-tie dinner. At 22, in his first job, he knew he needed speaking help. Toastmasters clubs were just being introduced to his native New Zealand. He joined. He learned. He gained speaking confidence … enough to subsequently use the skills learned to graduate with Distinction from the Harvard Business School with its two-year program of dialog-based case studies. In later years, he has spoken extensively, including at conference on five continents. Toastmasters plays a key part in his life. Brian has been an active member in clubs in New Zealand, Ireland, and six States in the USA. He has won seven District (State) Speech Contests -- and lost many more (which is when intensive learning occurs!). In 2003, he was one of the nine finalists in Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. Mastering communication skills helped him not just at Toastmasters but also in the business world and as an author, where the art of simple, clear communication guided his writing of three marketing books. In this book Brian shares many of the lessons he wished he had learned decades ago with the hope that it will speed up your speaking journey.

The Speaker's Toolbox: 47 Tools to Build Better Speeches (FPS, paperback, 7/12/16, $20.00)

Have you ever wondered why audiences’ minds wander? And how to change that? Do you know the three essential elements of a successful speech? And how to build your speeches around them? This book answers these questions and shows you how to build better speeches and become a better speaker. Drawing from a wide range of speaking techniques or "tools" -- from Openings to Closings, Twists to Humor, Details to Exaggeration, Senses to Surprise, and from Pauses to Props -- the author shows us how to develop a clear message, how to connect better with our audience, and how to help them remember what we say. Each tool, listed in alphabetical order for quick reference, is clearly explained and generously supported by actual examples. Eleven world-class speeches, demonstrating how different combinations of tools create compelling speeches, anchor this unique book. Its purpose is to help newer speakers learn better, faster -- and its extensive collection of ideas-generating material makes it valuable to more experiences speakers, too. It is a guidebook every speaker will keep nearby.

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