Signed First Editions Club

Our club started in June 2011. Past picks have resulted in a National Book Award Winner (Round House by Louise Erdrich) and an Edgar Award Winner for Best Novel (Live by Night by Dennis Lehane). Collect for fun or for profit -- our original club members have seen their books increase in value since they purchased them!


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Note: Club picks may be for authors that we will be having for events. If you are a local customer who is a member of our Signed First Editions Club and planning to attend the event for that author, you will not be required to purchase two copies of the book. Just make sure to let us know your plans.

Please note that club picks are ordered in advance and that copies may be limited to only those members enrolled in the club at the time the selection was announced.

Here are our upcoming selections (prices subject to change by publisher):



Jan 2020: Feb 2020: Mar 2020: April 2020:
Tell Me A Story
Hardcover, $24.99
American Dirt
Hardcover, $26.99
Call Your Daughter Home
Hardcover, $26.99
The Glass Hotel
Hardcover, $26.95
May 2020: June 2020: July 2020: August 2020:
Simon the Fiddler
Hardcover, $27.99
You Are Not Alone
Hardcover, $27.99
Paperback, $25.95
Hello, Summer
Hardcover, $28.99
September 2020: October 2020: November 2020: December 2019:
Doesn't Hurt to Ask
Hardcover, $28.00
The Exiles
Hardcover, $27.99
Red at the Bone
Hardcover, $26.00
The Abolitionist's Daughter
Hardcover, $26.00




Added Benefits: Signed First Edition Club members will be given first notice about any other signed first edition books Fiction Addiction receives from publishers.