The Benefits of Reading


There are a lot of articles and scientific studies about the benefits of reading. I'm not a trained scientist to analyze these studies in depth, but the sheer bulk of them is pretty convincing to me. What it all seems to boil down to is that readers are better people: they are more empathetic, more successful, more fulfilled, and have better mental health. 


Here are some of the claims I found for the benefits of reading:


Reading in general is very good for you, but studies show reading physical books is even better than reading electronically:

  • You comprehend more
  • Children learn to read faster
  • Print books are easier on the eyes
  • You're less likely to get distracted
  • Print books are better if you read before bed as blue light can upset your sleep cycles.
  • Home libraries of print books are linked to higher academic achievement.
  • The sensory aspects of print books amplify the joy of reading. 


What benefits do you notice from reading? How do you feel if you don't get that chance to regularly escape into a good book?