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William Morrow 2019 0062678426 / 9780062678423 PAPERBACK . 
William Morrow 3/5/2019. New paperback. Store pick: We know Anna Fox was a respected child psychologist. We know she is now severely agoraphobic and hasn't left her house in 10 months due to a severe trauma. We know she spends her days watching and rewatching old Hitchcock and other classic mystery films. We know Anna is separated from her husband and young daughter because of the same trauma – but she speaks with them almost every day. We know she drinks way too much, abuses the pills she has been prescribed and lies to her psychologist about drinking while she is taking pills. We know Anna met a woman from the house across the park. We know she has met the woman’s teen aged son and believes he is terrified of something. We know she saw the woman being murdered. We know the police detective and her psychiatrist believe she is hallucinating. But…in reality we really don't know anything! The phrase ‘just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren't out to get you’ definitely applies to this novel. The Woman in the Window is one of the best Hitchcockian psychological suspense novels I have read. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 16.99 USD
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William Morrow 2017 0062311182 / 9780062311184 PAPERBACK . 
William Morrow 12/26/2017. New paperback. Store pick: I couldn’t wait for the third installment of this masterfully written trilogy. And now, I’m sorry it’s over. Greg Iles is a magnificent story-teller; a genius with a pen. A history lesson, a love story, betrayal, a murder mystery, harrowing action, spectacular courtroom drama, corruption, incredible sadness… Everything one could ask for in a well-written story. Iles saved the best for last. Mississippi blood is definitely thicker than water. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 9.99 USD
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Doubleday 2019 0525433759 / 9780525433750 PAPERBACK . 
Doubleday 1/8/2019. New paperback. Store pick: Alice Vega is a seriously bad-ass bounty hunter from CA who specializes in finding missing children. When 8 year old Bailey and 10 year old Kylie disappear from their mother’s car while she runs into a store, Alice is hired by the girls’ aunt to come to the small PA town to help the overworked and understaffed police. Alice immediately convinces Max Caplan (Cap) to help her. Cap is a disgraced ex-police officer who is now a PI. Not only does Vega have extraordinary martial arts skills but she also has the resources of a super hacker to get her any information she needs. Together they form a powerful team that can do things and go places the police can’t. An easy readable writing style, a great story line with a very unexpected ending, and really likeable characters who give the book an added layer of excitement and who I hope we see again make this a book you won’t want to miss. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 16.00 USD
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