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Berkley 2019 0399586954 / 9780399586958 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Berkley 4/23/2019. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: A story about family dynamics and the lasting impact your parents can have upon your future. The setting in the Scottish Highlands adds a romantic nuance married with the rumors that are present in small villages. Ailsa is by any measure a successful and independent woman. A producer for news programs and a broadcaster partner. Unfortunately her abandonment physically by her Father and emotionally by her Mother has left more scars than she realized. A very diverse set of characters add depth to a story with enough twists for all suspense fans. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 26.00 USD
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Flatiron 2019 1250147344 / 9781250147349 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Flatiron 4/23/2019. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: Aimee Sinclair was taught at an early age to become a good actor. As a child being a good actor meant surviving and pleasing her Mum, as an adult it meant having a career and fooling her husband so he wouldnít hurt her too much. We meet Aimee Sinclair when she arrives home from a day on set of her newest film and finds that her husband has disappeared. Aimee has spent so many years Ė from the time she was 6 - pretending to be someone else and trying to forget the truly horrible things that have happened to her that she begins to believe maybe she did something to hurt her husband, because after all he deserved it. Alice Feeny certainly didnít suffer from sophomore slump when she wrote I Know Who You Are. It is a psychological thriller that takes a stunning look at how tragic events affect people, especially children, and how the mind adapts in different ways in order to survive. You may think you know what is happening and why but donít bet on it. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 27.99 USD
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Flatiron 2019 125020741X / 9781250207418 PAPERBACK . 
Flatiron 2/26/2019. New paperback. Store pick: I knew I would love this one from the opening lines. Amber Reynolds is in a coma, and sometimes she lies. She canít see, speak or move but she can hear and think. Just remember, sometimes she lies, and sometimes being in a coma even she doesnít know what is real and what she is dreaming. The story is told from three perspectives: Amberís coma induced thoughts from the present; her supposedly accurate account of what happened leading up to the accident, and from the diary of a 10 year old child. I was misled several times in the book Ė because I made assumptions to try and make sense of what was happening. These assumptions led to a truly unexpected surprise at the end of the book. Sometimes I lie reminded me of how I felt after reading Gone Girl more than any of the other books that have been compared to it. Even if you manage to figure out some of the twists and some of the lies be prepared to really be surprised by the ending. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 9.99 USD
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Scholastic Inc. 2019 133828150X / 9781338281507 PAPERBACK . 
Scholastic Inc. 4/30/2019. New paperback. Author is local and we can get books personalized for you. Store pick: Crabby is...well...crabby. He's bored. Nothing makes him happy. He doesn't even *want* to be happy. But that doesn't stop his friend Plankton from trying to cheer him up (and getting frustrated when it doesn't work). Fenske's entertaining but simple text and bright illustrations will build confidence in beginning readers who aren't quite ready for chapter books yet. -Melissa O., store employee Signed by author. 
Price: 4.99 USD
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Simon & Schuster 2004 0743273567 / 9780743273565 PAPERBACK . 
Simon & Schuster 11/1/2004. New paperback. Recommended by Suzanne Y., store employee 
Price: 17.00 USD
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Penguin Press 2019 052555873X / 9780525558736 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Penguin Press 4/2/2019. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Releases 4/2/19. Pre-order today! Store pick: Ilya and his older brother Vladimir could not be more opposite. Vladimir is a poor student, gets in trouble constantly and eventually turns to drugs. Ilya is brilliant, has a true gift for language, and with the mentoring of a special teacher he has blossomed. But, they both have the same dream Ė to get out of their small bleak and depressing mining town in remote Russia and go to the US. Ilya idolizes his older brother while at the same time knowing he should not let his bad ways affect his chances of winning a chance in an exchange program. Ilyaís dream eventually comes true and he goes to America to live with a family in a small town in LA. The excitement of this achievement is dampened by the fact that Vladimir after almost dying from drugs, and losing a leg to gangrene, is arrested for the murder of three young women. The plot is driven by the mystery of the murders and Ilyaís determination to try and prove his brotherís innocence while at the same time assimilating into the life of a high school student in America. Lights All Night Long is a beautiful, sad, compelling and totally mesmerizing coming of age story. It paints such a bleak picture of life in the small Russian town that it is no wonder that people will do anything to try and survive, and to achieve the ultimate dream of coming to America. It is also a story of drugs, and how they harm even those who don't use them. But most of all it is a story of family and love and forgiveness. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 27.00 USD
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Broadway 2014 0307588378 / 9780307588371 PAPERBACK . 
Broadway 4/22/2014. New paperback. Store pick: I love dark, twisted psychological tales and Gillian Flynn definitely has the genre down pat. Gone Girl will have you twisted up in knots trying to decide who to believe and who to root for. A stunning and unexpected ending may make you want to throw the book across the room. One of the best written and captivating novels I have read in a long time. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 16.00 USD
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St. Martin's Press 2020 1250237270 / 9781250237279 HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
St. Martin's Press 2/4/2020. New hardcover. in Brand New jacket. Releases 2/4/20. Reserve your copy today! Store pick: A Good Neighborhood is anything but a good neighborhood in this beautifully written but heartbreaking modern Greek tragedy. The story is narrated by a chorus of neighbors who see and hear what they think is happening. The characters involved also have a voice as they tell their thoughts and their reasoning behind their actions. White privilege, greed, racism, and ultra conservative religion all play a part in the events that lead to the final scene. So many times the outcome could have been changed if only reason, good sense and respect had prevailed. One of the most compelling books I have read in a while, it is a tough read, but one that has many lessons to teach. It is something that could and probably does happen more frequently than we would like to admit. Highly recommended for book clubs as the topics for discussion will be endless. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 27.99 USD
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Forge Books 2019 0765398516 / 9780765398512 HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Forge Books 3/19/2019. New hardcover. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: If you liked Crimson Lake, you will love Redemption Point even more. If you havenít read Crimson Lake then you are really missing a terrific new crime writer. You have never met two more eccentric, damaged and likeable characters than Amanda Pharrell and Ted Conkaffey. Amanda spent 10 years in prison for killing a classmate when she was a teen. She readily accepted her sentence because while killing the person she did was an accident, she did mean to kill someone else. Ted is a disgraced ex-policeman who is still trying to get over being accused of the brutal rape and beating of a 13 year old girl. Until the real culprit is caught he will always be the most hated man in Australia but he has no energy or desire to try and find who really attacked her as he is content to just hide out in a distant remote area of Australia and try to forget about all he lost and at the same time help Amanda with her detective work. In Redemption Point Amanda is hired by the father of one of two people killed execution style in a bar because he doesnít trust the police. Ted is helping her when the father of his supposed rape victim (who still thinks Ted could be guilty) shows up and forces him to start reliving some of the past, in the hopes of finding the real perpetrator. Candace Fox brings her characters to life in such a way that you even like the ones who should be unlikeable. And the setting in Cairns, complete with alligators, wetlands, and tropic heat just helps add to the intensity of the fabulous story. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 25.99 USD
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Flatiron 2018 1250088569 / 9781250088567 PAPERBACK . 
Flatiron 1/23/2018. New paperback. Store pick: A beautifully written story about a subject that is current, important, and also controversial. It is so funny in places I laughed out loud and so sad and heart wrenching I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. Regardless of your beliefs I suggest everyone read this book and think about how you would handle some of the same situations. It was a wonderful story that was not at all preachy. I doubt it will change any minds but at the very least it will totally entertain you. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 16.99 USD
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Minotaur Books 2016 1250071658 / 9781250071651 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Minotaur Books 3/22/2016. Clearance book (50% or more off list price). New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick, recommended by Nancy M.: Sean Serrat thinks the horrible event that occurred when he was only 14 is buried so deeply that it will never see the light of day. But, just as Sean, a prominent Supreme Court lawyer, learns he is on the short list for nomination to the highest court in the land, his life becomes a living nightmare and his past comes back to haunt him. His daughter, a talented law student, is found murdered and Sean begins to suspect the police have arrested the wrong person for her murder. As he tries to find out the truth others will do anything to prevent the truth from ever being known. The Advocates Daughter is a powerful story of loss and revenge set against the background of the Supreme Court. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 13.00 USD
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Penguin Books 2019 0735224641 / 9780735224643 PAPERBACK . 
Penguin Books 7/30/2019. New paperback. Store pick: Do you ever really escape the events of your past? This book will give you chills as dire events of the present are related to cavalier acts of youth. The main character is incredibly flawed inside but maintains a facade that others may envy. Perhaps everyone struggles with tragedy, but maybe none more than the previously charmed individual. The book has a great cast of supporting characters that are extremely well developed. Any mystery or literary fan will enjoy this book. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 17.00 USD
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Bloomsbury 2014 1619632659 / 9781619632653 PAPERBACK . 
Bloomsbury 5/6/2014. New paperback. Store pick: Though a sequel to Tuesdays in the Tower, those new to the series will be fine jumping right in and learning about magical Castle Glower, which rearranges itself each week. Though the youngest, Princess Celie knows the castle best of all her royal siblings. She is the first to find the new tower room the castle has created and the surprise giant egg inside. This is a wonderful fantasy series for those not quite ready for the Harry Potter series. -Jill Hendrix, store owner 
Price: 7.99 USD
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William Morrow 2019 0062853740 / 9780062853745 PAPERBACK . 
William Morrow 4/2/2019. New paperback. Store pick: A poignant story of life at West Point and beyond for females. The athletes at West Point are from many different walks of life. This book focuses on the women's basketball team and paints a troubled picture of the pressure and discrimination that exists. I was particularly interested as I have several friends with daughters who recently graduated from West Point. This book is probably far too close to reality to make anyone comfortable, but an enlightening and compelling read. -Jackie W., store volunteer Signed by author. 
Price: 15.99 USD
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Little, Brown and Company 2019 0316478520 / 9780316478526 HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Little, Brown and Company 9/10/2019. New hardcover. in Brand New jacket. Releases 9/10/19. Pre-order today! Store pick: Malcolm Gladwell has done it again with an elegant deconstruction of an important and timely topic that will shift your perspective and encourage new ways to debate important public policies. His drawn-from-the-headlines examples add to this important intellectual work the fascination and readability of a true crime novel. My hope is that everyone I know will read and discuss this book. -Jill Hendrix, store owner Signed by author. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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Atria Books 2019 1501146815 / 9781501146817 PAPERBACK . 
Atria Books 3/19/2019. New paperback. Store pick: In 1964 Michael Daniels (born Mikhail Dainov) runs a small rock-and-roll radio show from his Russian-Jewish grandmother's candy store. He knows little and cares less about his family's hazy past until his grandmother is assasinated in the candy store. As Michael investigates, he soon understands why Faulkner wrote, 'The past is never dead. It's not even past.' -Jim M., store volunteer 
Price: 17.00 USD
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St. Martin's Press 2019 1250219655 / 9781250219657 First US Edition. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
St. Martin's Press 7/30/2019. New hardcover. First US Edition. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: Escape rooms have become very popular for team building and character development in corporations so it was no surprise that Stanhope and Sons decided to use one to perhaps decide which of the team members might be laid off. The team of Sylvie, Jules, Sam and their boss Victor used to be the darlings of the investment banking world but in the past year investment banking as a whole was suffering and their team in particular had some very unusual and spectacular failures. Rumors were floating that some, if not all of them, might be part of a worldwide layoff so when they were ordered at the last minute to show up for an offsite meeting late on Friday afternoon they all complied, albeit very reluctantly. The four entered an elevator to go up to their mysterious meeting and that is when the fun or rather terror began. Welcome to the cutthroat world of investment banking. How does it feel to have it all, and then lose it at the hands of your dishonest co-workers? This high energy thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Itís masterfully written, with an uncanny intelligence, and its surprise ending will leave you gleefully satisfied. The best revenge is served cold and to live well. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 26.99 USD
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Ecco 2019 0062862820 / 9780062862822 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Ecco 5/7/2019. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Signed by the author on a tipped-in page. Store pick: I canít wait to hear the book club discussions generated by The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortune. This compulsively readable, epic yet intimate story of an Italian-American family has at its core the heartbreaking story of a strong woman before her time. Recommended to fans of The Signature of All Things. -Jill Hendrix, store owner Signed by author. 
Price: 27.99 USD
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Penguin Books 2014 0143124986 / 9780143124986 PAPERBACK . 
Penguin Books 3/25/2014. New paperback. Store pick, recommended by Jill: Reading Give and Take is a mind-opening process as Adam Grant takes the conventional wisdom and turns it on its head to prove that people with honesty and integrity who believe in a 'pay it forward' system are some of the most successful Americans and that 'greed is good', only-out-for-themselves takers lose out over the long run. -Jill Hendrix, store owner 
Price: 17.00 USD
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St. Martin's Press 2019 1250200350 / 9781250200358 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
St. Martin's Press 4/2/2019. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: Annika is a beautiful girl who doesn't really fit in and never has. Alone for the first time away at college she is adrift. Jonathan is an older student who made a big mistake at his last school, but is basically a decent hardworking young man. Their paths intersect at chess club and neither one will ever be the same. The book captures the couple in college and then in their adult lives after a chance encounter. I don't want to say much about the plot and spoil it for readers, but you follow these two on a path you would never imagine. I think the ending is perfect - it's not magical but doused in the reality of life. The journey these characters take will engage even the most cynical readers, both with challenges and dreams and struggling with how they intersect. With the huge awareness of the autism spectrum I see a real identification with Annika, and the people who love her. -Jackie W., store volunteer (seconded by Jill H., store owner) 
Price: 26.99 USD
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