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St. Martin's Griffin 2019 1250308941 / 9781250308948 PAPERBACK . 
St. Martin's Griffin 3/5/2019. New paperback. Store pick: This is a compelling book, you cannot imagine the twists in store. While the events are dark and disturbing, the premise is all too real. What happens when your parents have your best interests at heart? At least what they believe to be your best interests. What happens if you are totally helpless and can rely only on your immediate family? This tale unwinds maybe the most frightening outcome of your inability to care for yourself. The characters are so rich you feel like you know them. Chloe is a very complex character, you may not agree with her, but you cannot ignore her spirit. A stunning psychological thriller. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 16.99 USD
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MIRA 2018 0778307808 / 9780778307808 PAPERBACK . 
MIRA 4/24/2018. New paperback. Store pick, recommended by Jackie: This is a sit on the edge of your seat novel. Told from the viewpoint of Iris - a school psychologist in Atlanta - you will watch a nightmare unfold. This book will test your ideas of marriage, trust and just how far you will go for love. -Jackie W., store volunteer. 
Price: 7.99 USD
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St. Martin's Griffin 2019 1250297850 / 9781250297853 PAPERBACK . 
St. Martin's Griffin 10/8/2019. New paperback. Releases 10/8/19. Pre-order today! Store pick: A fascinating look at society in New York during the time of the Astor's and the barons of industry. Alva was a pawn for her wealthy parents her entire life, and married to a much older man at seventeen to replenish his family coffers. When finally free she returns to New York a scorned and sordid woman. She has plans for her future and a strong will to succeed. There is a paranormal aspect to this book, but don't be put off if that is not your thing. The story merely uses the paranormal to support very strong character development and plot, not as the center of the plot. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 16.99 USD
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Minotaur Books 2019 1250121329 / 9781250121325 PAPERBACK . 
Minotaur Books 5/28/2019. New paperback. Releases 5/28/19. Pre-order today! Store pick: Linda Castillo does an amazing job of keeping Kate and Tomasetti from getting too familiar. Their relationship has so many nuances it never becomes boring. As always the glimpse into the Amish community if fascinating and horrifying at the same time. As a woman I struggle to understand what I consider undervaluing women, one reason Kate is such a great character. She left the life but can still find the good that exists. The book is a great lesson in looking below the surface. The details in the crimes and investigation are interesting and sometimes shocking. All her fans will love this book and new readers should pick it up also. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 9.99 USD
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Minotaur Books 2019 1250142865 / 9781250142863 HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Minotaur Books 7/16/2019. New hardcover. in Brand New jacket. Releases 7/16/19. Pre-order today! Store pick: Another revealing look into the life of the Amish set in a depressed area of the midwest. All the books in this series are a great continuation in the life of Kate, police chief and former Amish, and John, her lover and BCI agent. While the series is worth following most all the books can stand alone, as does this book. There is less interaction and development of the relationship of John and Kate in this book, but still plenty of compelling story lines and moral questions. The Amish have a very religious and fairly legalistic society, so the events in this book are very out of character and revealing of the basic human nature. Starting with a horrendously violent and seemingly random murder the pace never slows down. Any fan of a great plot will enjoy this book. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 26.99 USD
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Ballantine Books 2019 0593128346 / 9780593128343 PAPERBACK . 
Ballantine Books 4/30/2019. New paperback. Not yet released. Pre-order today! Store pick: Vivian is a loving wife and mother of 4. She adores her husband and will do anything for her family. She is also a top analyst in the Russia division of the CIA. Matt, Vivian's husband, is also devoted to his family and will do anything to protect them. He is also a Russian spy. Part of a sleeper cell that Vivian uncovers. I devoured this book. I didn't want to keep reading because I was afraid of what might happen, but I didn't want to quit because I had to know what happened. I dreaded coming to the end because I could not begin to imagine an ending that I would like. But, oh boy what a surprise and what an ending! -Nancy M., store volunteer (seconded by Jackie, store volunteer) 
Price: 9.99 USD
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Minotaur Books 2019 1250148871 / 9781250148872 HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Minotaur Books 3/12/2019. New hardcover. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: I enjoyed this book and thought it a great follow up to The Echo Killing. You could read the book as a stand alone, but do yourself a favor and start at the beginning of the series. Harper is complicated and driven far beyond the norm. Her obsession with her Mother's killer is understandable, but has totally consumed her life. The journalistic side is well represented and a glimpse into a very competitive environment. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 26.99 USD
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Minotaur Books 2019 1250148855 / 9781250148858 PAPERBACK . 
Minotaur Books 3/12/2019. New paperback. Store pick: Harper is a crime reporter with a big secret. She found her Mother murdered when she was twelve and it has shaped her entire life. When a new murder is eerily similar she cannot let it go. The path she travels is twisted and filled with danger. Any fan of thrillers and the mysteries of small southern towns will enjoy this book. I hope the sequel is in the works. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 16.99 USD
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Minotaur Books 2018 1250148847 / 9781250148841 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Minotaur Books 3/13/2018. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: Harper is a crime reporter with a big secret. She found her Mother murdered when she was twelve and it has shaped her entire life. When a new murder is eerily similar she cannot let it go. The path she travels is twisted and filled with danger. Any fan of thrillers and the mysteries of small southern towns will enjoy this book. I hope the sequel is in the works. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 24.99 USD
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Berkley 2019 0399586954 / 9780399586958 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Berkley 4/23/2019. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: A story about family dynamics and the lasting impact your parents can have upon your future. The setting in the Scottish Highlands adds a romantic nuance married with the rumors that are present in small villages. Ailsa is by any measure a successful and independent woman. A producer for news programs and a broadcaster partner. Unfortunately her abandonment physically by her Father and emotionally by her Mother has left more scars than she realized. A very diverse set of characters add depth to a story with enough twists for all suspense fans. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 26.00 USD
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Harper 2018 0062823191 / 9780062823199 First US Edition. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Harper 8/14/2018. New hardcover. First US Edition. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: A woman’s body is found strangled in a garden in London. When the victim’s identity is discovered it throws Detective Catrina Kinsella’s life into a nightmare that she couldn’t have imagined. The victim, as it turned out, was actually someone that Cat had once known. She was someone who had disappeared from Ireland years earlier and was never seen again. While on vacation in Ireland with her family when she was 8, she witnessed her father give the then young girl a ride. Later when the girl disappeared Cat heard her father lie to the police about ever knowing her. Now, years later the woman’s body is found not far from where her father now lives and works in London. Was it coincidence or something far more sinister? Cat is flawed, she’s sassy-mouthed, she’s complex and deep-down, and she’s compassionate. But most of all she believes people should have to pay for their crimes. Sweet Little Lies is a debut mystery that really delivers. It is a dark story with a touch of humor and a wonderfully developed character who I would love to see again. -Nancy M. (seconded by Jackie W.) 
Price: 26.99 USD
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William Morrow 2019 0062853740 / 9780062853745 PAPERBACK . 
William Morrow 4/2/2019. New paperback. Store pick: A poignant story of life at West Point and beyond for females. The athletes at West Point are from many different walks of life. This book focuses on the women's basketball team and paints a troubled picture of the pressure and discrimination that exists. I was particularly interested as I have several friends with daughters who recently graduated from West Point. This book is probably far too close to reality to make anyone comfortable, but an enlightening and compelling read. -Jackie W., store volunteer Signed by author. 
Price: 15.99 USD
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St. Martin's Press 2019 1250200350 / 9781250200358 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
St. Martin's Press 4/2/2019. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: Annika is a beautiful girl who doesn't really fit in and never has. Alone for the first time away at college she is adrift. Jonathan is an older student who made a big mistake at his last school, but is basically a decent hardworking young man. Their paths intersect at chess club and neither one will ever be the same. The book captures the couple in college and then in their adult lives after a chance encounter. I don't want to say much about the plot and spoil it for readers, but you follow these two on a path you would never imagine. I think the ending is perfect - it's not magical but doused in the reality of life. The journey these characters take will engage even the most cynical readers, both with challenges and dreams and struggling with how they intersect. With the huge awareness of the autism spectrum I see a real identification with Annika, and the people who love her. -Jackie W., store volunteer (seconded by Jill H., store owner) 
Price: 26.99 USD
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Oceanview Publishing 2017 1608092593 / 9781608092598 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Oceanview Publishing 11/7/2017. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: If you remember the unrest in Egypt that led to Mubarak's ouster you will appreciate this book. Nicole is a successful plastic surgeon in practice with her Egyptian born husband. Due to the unrest her husband faces pressure to return to Egypt and help move the families vast wealth from the country. A confrontation between husband and wife sets off a chain of events with terrible consequence. I enjoyed how the book kept true to the gritty and dangerous situation. The events are not gory but very dramatic and will keep you intrigued. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 26.95 USD
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Flatiron 2019 1250105684 / 9781250105684 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Flatiron 2/5/2019. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: Jane Harper has again created characters who are rife with flaws. Some unforgivable, but all very real and pervasive in the world. The characters are so engaging you will find yourself hoping for a certain outcome in the plot. Don't kid yourself, you will never guess where this plot is headed. The pictures painted of the remote cattle ranches in Australia gave me chills. The isolation between the brothers is so extreme, you can fool yourself into thinking it is all geographic. The legacy of abuse in families is addressed baldly and honestly. Nathan's voice tells the story in the manner of an artist layering paint. Each layer reveals more of the story and the small actions that brought the family to this point. I loved every page of this book. -Jackie W., store volunteer (seconded by Nancy M., store volunteer) 
Price: 27.99 USD
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Gallery Books 2019 1982105542 / 9781982105549 PAPERBACK . 
Gallery Books 7/30/2019. New paperback. Releases 7/30/19. Pre-order today! Store pick: I adored this book. It is so charming and the characters are people you wish you met. From the magical Dove family to still recovering foster children the aspects of the story are so vivid you feel you are watching events unfold. Sarah Dove is trying to save her town, she believes that is her destiny. So what if she is a little quirky, who is not? Grace has more sudden responsibility than a driven and controlling loner could imagine. Only adding to the challenge is that the responsibility is for a parentless eight year old and her aging foster Mother who has Alzheimers. How can they possibly unite for the greater good? Read this book, enjoy every minute and hope for a sequel. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 16.00 USD
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Atria Books 2018 1501154656 / 9781501154652 PAPERBACK . 
Atria Books 11/6/2018. New paperback. Store pick: If you are a fan of a psychological thriller this is the book for you. I was fascinated and horrified at this tale of the lengths people will go to for love. A vivid expanse of the fine line between severe mental illness and the ability to function in society. Anyone who meets a potential new partner will look at them with a jaundiced eye after reading this book. Simply riveting. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 16.00 USD
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Grand Central Publishing 2019 153871308X / 9781538713082 HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Grand Central Publishing 7/30/2019. New hardcover. in Brand New jacket. Releases 7/30/19. Pre-order today! Store pick: It is amazing to me that Iris Johansen can keep the Eve Duncan series current, relevances and engaging this long, but she does in a compelling fashion. This is one of my favorites in quite some time, the supporting characters are so deep, and single minded in a quest for justice, that you immediately become invested. Journalists who are bold see the worst the world has to offer, corruption at the highest level, brutality for no reason, and the accumulation of wealth at the expense of the poor. This story embodies all of the above with enough twists to keep you entertained to the end. Can easily be read as a stand alone book. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 28.00 USD
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Talos 2017 1945863188 / 9781945863189 PAPERBACK . 
Talos 8/1/2017. New paperback. The author is local and can personalize books. Store pick: Arcana is a delightful romantic fantasy set in in Edwardian England. Katherine Sinclair is being pressured by her family to find a husband, even though telling the wrong person about her otherworldly ability to perform magic — inherited from her Sylvan mother — could have disastrous consequences. When Katherine finds herself wooed by two very different men, will her dead mother’s magical journal help her decide which one she should trust? –Recommended by Jill Hendrix, store owner (seconded by Jackie W., store volunteer) Signed by author. 
Price: 8.99 USD
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William Morrow 2018 0062836056 / 9780062836052 PAPERBACK . 
William Morrow 10/2/2018. New paperback. Store pick: Football is near and dear to my heart, as is the role of women in our society. Tylene is the quintessential housewife of the 1940's, dinner on the table every night, a full cooked breakfast for her husband, and every other task around the house completed without complaint. She just happens to have been raised on football since she was five. Her Father took her to every high school football game in their small Texas town and she became a total student of the game. Now the assistant principal at the local high school she has a vested interest in the students. The war has taken all the young men and many do not make it home. This loss includes the current football coach and anyone else remotely qualified. Tylene is determined to keep the seniors home and prevent early enlistment. She wants the boys to have the opportunity to remain boys for as long as possible. What ensues is a selfless act of unbelievable determination and courage. Even a non-football fan will enjoy this view of our country at that time, but all my fellow fans will have a unique appreciation of the book and of Tylene. -Jackie W., store volunteer 
Price: 15.99 USD
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