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December Featured Book

Southern BreadsSouthern Breads: Recipes, Stories and Traditions
by Marilyn Markel and Chris Holaday
(The History Press, paperback, $24.99)

The warmth of the oven and the smell of fresh-baked bread conjure comforting memories of tradition and place. Aside from being a staple on every table in the South, these breads and their recipes detail the storied history of the region. Biscuits emerged from Native American and European traditions. Cornbread, with its vast variety, is a point of debate among Southerners over which recipe yields the most delicious results. The hushpuppy, developed possibly to quiet whining dogs, is a requirement for any true catfish or barbecue meal. Author Chris Holaday and top culinary instructor Marilyn Markel offer the mouthwatering history, famous recipes, and heartwarming stories of Southerners in their kitchens.

Meet Marilyn Markel at her Book Signing & Tasting on Friday, December 23rd, from Noon-2pm!

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