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January Featured Book

SuperBetterSuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully
by Jane McGonigal
(The Penguin Press, paperback, $17.00)

No matter what New Year's Resolution you've made this year, SuperBetter will help you keep it! Jane McGonigal has created a system that turns any challenge into a game you can play with rules to learn, bad guys to battle, and powerups to collect. You can even create your own secret identity. Like Candy Crush and Farmville, you'll have an easier time winning the game if you recruit your friends and family as allies. Part 1 of the book describes all the science underlying the system and will appeal to science and gaming geeks like myself. Everyone else can just jump right into Part 2 and begin learning how to play the game and how to use it to overcome their challenge. Jane created the system when recovering from postconcussion syndrome that left her with constant headaches, nausea, and vertigo and a prescription for complete bed rest for an indefinite period. Since 2009, nearly half a million people have played SuperBetter to help with challenges as varied as losing weight, getting out of debt, beating cancer, figuring out what to do with their life, quitting smoking, or beating depression. Whatever your challenge, SuperBetter will make facing it more fun and give you more tools to succeed. Although the book is written for adults, the game rules are simple enough to teach to young children.

-Recommended by Jill Hendrix, store owner

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