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March Featured Book

The HushThe Hush
by John Hart
(St. Martin's, hardcover, $28.99)


Set ten years after The Last Child, The Hush explores what Johnny Merrimon has made of his life. Despite all the publicity around the events of his childhood, Johnny tries to keep a low profile, staying hidden in the swamp of Hush Arbor where he feels a connection to his land. The only person he wants to see regularly is his childhood friend, Jack, who senses an evil presence in the swamp Johnny loves so much. When bodies start piling up on Johnny's land, the sheriff goes on a manhunt, convinced that Johnny had something to do with the inexplicable deaths. A story about friendship, family, and connection, Hart does not disappoint with his newest book. His writing will draw you in from the first chapter, and you'll be hooked until the end.

-Recommended by Melissa O., store employee

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