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August Featured Book

The Order of the Eternal SunThe Order of the Eternal Sun
by Jessica Leake
(Talos, hardcover, $24.99)

Lucy Sinclairís debut will be a parade of everything opulent Edwardian London society has to offer. Most importantly, it will be nothing like her older sisterís dangerous experience -- especially if her overprotective brother-in-law, Lord Thornewood, has his way. As if screening her dance partners isnít enough, Thornewood insists that his brother, James, train Lucy in self-defense. She wouldnít mind so much if her treacherous mind didnít continue to replay the kiss they once shared. But awkward defense lessons are the least of her problems. Her arcana, a magical talent that allows her to mentally enter any scene that she draws, grows stronger by the day. Again and again Lucy is compelled to draw a portal to her motherís realm of Sylvania -- and with each stroke of her pen, she risks attracting the attention of the Order of the Eternal Sun, the sinister brotherhood that steals the power of Sylvani blood for their own dark ends. When a bold new suitor arrives from India, Lucy canít help but be intrigued -- though her family questions his mysterious past. But as Lucyís own suspicions grow, and the threat of the Order looms larger, Lucy will have to learn to harness her unpredictable power or risk falling under the Orderís shadow forever.

Meet the author at her launch party at Fiction Addiction on August 13th!

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