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Recent Media Coverage

11/10/14 - The Greenville News, "For those who love the written word, book clubs abound" by Nancy Rechtman. View page 1. Page 2.

10/19/14 - The Greenville News, "Orphaned singers grabbed author's imagination" by Paul Hyde. View article.

10/13/14 - The Greenville News, "Author Rick Yancey hit a winning streak when he turned to young adult fiction" by Kelley Bruss.  View page 1Page 2.

9/25/14 - The Greenville News, "Local author gets boost from Conroy" by Stephanie Burnette. View article.

9/19/14 - The Greenville Journal, "Defending the right to read" by Cindy Landrum. View page 1Page 2Page 3.

9/12/14 - The Greenville Journal, "Storyline comes to author in a dream" by Cindy Landrum. View article.

8/28/14 - The Greenville News, "Nuts About Reading" by Kelley Bruss. View page 1Page 2.

8/17/14 - The Greenville News, "Bookstore owner Jill Hendrix creates hub for writers, readers" by Lillia Callum-Penso. View article.

8/17/14 - Better Homes and Gardens, "Greenville, SC". View article.

6/13/14 - The Greenville Journal, "Nature and Nurture: Mary Alice Monroe's trilogy calls attention to dolphin's peril" by Cindy Landrum. View article.

6/13/14 - The Greenville Journal, "Three Little Birds" by Cindy Landrum. View page 1Page 2.

5/30/14 - The Greenville News, "Female authors headline June events" by Anna Lee. View article.

5/9/14 - The Greenville Journal, "Less stuff, more happiness" by Cindy Landrum. View article.

5/5/14 - The Greenville News, "A personal view" by Paul Hyde. View article. Page 2. Page 3.

4/18/14 - The Greenville News, "Confessions of a failed Southern belle" by Anna Lee. View article.

4/16/14 - Publishers Weekly, "Indies Test 'One Book, One Store' Campaigns" by Judith Rosen. View article.

4/13/14 - The Greenville News, "Celebrate accomplishments of state's writers" by Jill Hendrix. View article.

4/11/14 - The Greenville News, "Lots of bookish things to do this month" by Anna Lee. View article.

3/7/14 - The Greenville News, "Taking the Trust Fall" by Anna Lee. View article.

2/28/14 - Shelf Awareness (Book Trade edition), "Handselling Is Always a 'Trust Fall'" by Robert Gray. View article.

2/25/14 - The Christian Science Monitor, "South Carolina Bookstore Encourages Customer to 'Trust' the Staff" by Molly Discroll. View article.

2/24/14 - Shelf Awareness (Book Trade edition), "Fiction Addiction's 'Trust Fall' Title Revealed" View article.

2/19/14 - Shelf Awareness (Book Trade edition), "Cool Idea of the Day: Fiction Addiction's 'Trust Fall'" View article.

2/14/14 - The Greenville News, "February still has volumes of literary events" by Anna Lee. View article.

2/7/14 - The Greenville Journal, "Starter House: Taylors Resident Turns Observation from Neighborhood Walks into Published Novel," by Cindy Landrum. View pg 1View pg 2.

January 2014 - Fete Online Digital Magazine, "Something New," by Nancy Rechtman. View article (p. 16).

December 2013 - Fete Online Digital Magazine, "A Time to Give," by Nancy Rechtman. View article (p. 16).

12/6/13 - Greenville Journal, "Greenville native Lee Billings Pens Otherworldly Debut" by Jeannie Putnam. View article.

11/22/13 - Greenville Journal, "Author Terry Kay to Speak in Greenville," by Jeanne Putnam. View article

November 2013 - Fete Online Digital Magazine. "Someone Else's Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson," reviewed by Nancy Rechtman. View article (p. 20).

10/31/13 - Greenville News, "YA fans are invited to get fierce here," by Anna Lee. View article.

October 2013 - Fete Online Digital Magazine. "Food For Thought," by Nancy Rechtman. View article (p. 12). 

10/4/13 - Greenville News, "Star Wars Reads Day Planned," by Neil Shurley. View article.

9/12/13 - Greenville News. "Indie bookstore bound," by Anna Lee. View article.

September 2013 - Fete Online Digital Magazine. "Fiction Addiction's September Pick: Moonrise by Cassandra King," reviewed by Nancy Rechtman. View article (p. 18).

9/6/13 - Greenville Journal. "Author combines mystery, romance, humor," by Cindy Landrum. View article.

August 2013 - Fete Online Digital Magazine. "Fiction Addiction Invites You to Rev up for Greenville's Year of Altruism With the Book 'Give and Take!'" by Jill Hendrix. View article (p. 20 in August 2013 archived edition).

7/31/13 - Greenville News. "Author event helps Safe Harbor." View article.

7/22/13 - GSA Business. "Bookstore Returns to Haywood Road," by Bill Poovey. View article.

7/3/13 - Independent Mail. "Anderson authors to participate in Fiction Addiction book signing day July 6." View article.

6/21/13 - Greenville Journal. Mentions Fiction Addiction will host a book-signing for independent authors. View page.

6/21/13 - Greenville Journal. "Book Your Lunch With Mary Alice Monroe." View page.

6/21/13 - Greenville Journal. "Nature and Nurture," by Cindy Landrum. View article.

5/10/13 - Greenville Journal. "What They Didn't Know," by Mindy Friddle. View article.

3/15/13 - Greenville News. "Lowcountry, Meet Upcountry." by Lillia Callum-Penso. View pg 1View pg 2.

Spring 2013 - edible Upcountry. "Southern Food Ambassadors The Lee Bros. Come to Greenville" View article.

2/28/13 - Greenville Journal. "What's Cooking?" by Cindy Landrum. View article.

2/9/13 - Greenville News. "Book event at new location." View article.

2/7/13 - Greenville News. "Fantasy, sci-fi fans can unite at event" by Cheryl Allen. View article.

1/30/13 - Greenville News. "Popular author set to speak." View article.

1/25/13 - Greenville Journal. "There She Goes Again" by Cindy Landrum. View article.


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