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Jenny Milchman Book Talk & Signing 
Sunday, August 17, 2014 @ 2:00pm
Tickets are $10 or $27.56*
Fiction Addiction
1175 Woods Crossing Road #5
GreenvilleSouth Carolina 29607 Get Directions

Ruin Falls
Acclaimed New York suspense author Jenny Milchman will be discussing her latest book Ruin Falls (Ballantine, hardcover, $26.00), at Fiction Addiction at 2:00pm. *Tickets are $10 (ticket admits one to the event and may be redeemed on a purchase that day) or $27.56 (ticket admits two to the event and includes a copy of Ruin Falls).

Liz Daniels should be happy about taking a rare family vacation, leaving behind their remote home in the Adirondack Mountains for a while. Instead, she feels uneasy. Her children, eight-year-old Reid and six-year-old Ally, have only met their paternal grandparents a handful of times. But her husband, Paul, has decided that despite a strained relationship with his mother and father, they should visit the farm in western New York where he spent his childhood.

The family doesn't make it all the way to the farm and stops at a hotel for the night. And in the morning, when Liz checks on her sleeping children, all of the small paranoias and anxieties from the day before come to life: Ally and Reid are nowhere to be found. Blind panic slides into ice cold terror as the hours tick by without discovering a trace of her kids. Soon, Paul and Liz are being interviewed by police, an Amber Alert is issued, detectives are called in. Frantic worry and helplessness threaten to overtake Liz's mind.

But the children are safe. In a sudden, gut-wrenching realization, Liz knows that it was no stranger who slipped into the hotel room and kidnapped her children. Instead it was someone she trusted completely. And as the police abruptly wrap-up their investigation, Liz identifies the person who has betrayed her. Now she will stop at nothing to find Ally and Reid and get them back. From her guarded in-laws' unwelcoming farmhouse to the deep woods of her hometown, Liz follows the threads of a terrible secret to uncover a hidden world created from dreams and haunted by nightmares.

Ruin Falls is a double-staff pick: both Nancy (our main mystery reader) and Jackie have read and loved it! Here's what they have to say: 

A rare family vacation quickly becomes a nightmare as Liz Daniels' children vanish from the hotel during the night. When her husband disappears later in the morning she discovers that he orchestrated their disappearance. The police will not get involved so Liz must figure out what happened on her own. As she delves deeper and deeper into Paulís past and his relationship with his estranged parents she finds that she has much more to worry about than her husband taking the children. Ruin Falls is a tense psychological thriller that points out how easy it is to brainwash those who are vulnerable or weak and shows how a determined mother cannot be stopped. -Nancy 

I loved Jenny's first book, Cover of Snow, so I was eager to read her second. Ruin Falls is a gripping novel about families and secrets. The twists of the plot keep you engaged from the moment the book starts. Several scenes are so vivid I became tense. I enjoy a novel of suspense where I cannot anticipate the ending early in the book, and this book did not disappoint. Do not miss this book! -Jackie

About the author:

Jenny Milchman is a suspense writer from the Hudson Valley of New York State, who lived for seven months on the road with her family on what Shelf Awareness called "the world's longest book tour."

Jenny's debut novel, Cover of Snow, earned starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist, as well as praise from the New York Times, San Francisco Journal of Books, the AP, and many other publications. It won the Mary Higgins Clark Award for best suspense novel of 2013, and has been nominated for the 2013 Barry Award for best first novel of 2013. Ruin Falls is Jenny's second novel.

Her short story, "The Closet," was published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine in November 2012. Another short story, "The Very Old Man," was published by EQMM in the July 2014 issue, and the short work "Black Sun on Tupper Lake" appeared in the anthology Adirondack Mysteries II.

Jenny is the Chair of the International Thriller Writers Debut Authors Program, and the founder of Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day, which was celebrated by over 650 bookstores in all 50 states and four foreign countries in 2013.

Jenny hosts the Made It Moments forum on her blog, which has featured more than 300 international bestsellers, Edgar winners, and indie authors. She also founded the literary series Writing Matters, which attracted guests coast-to-coast and received national media attention, and teaches writing and publishing for New York Writers Workshop.


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