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Store Picks

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Anchor Books 1994 0385474547 / 9780385474542 PAPERBACK . 
Anchor Books 1/1/1994. New paperback. Recommended by Suzanne Y., store employee 
Price: 13.00 USD
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Tor Books 2017 076537076X / 9780765370761 PAPERBACK . 
Tor Books 8/1/2017. New paperback. Store pick, recommended by Jill Hendrix: Start of a fun urban fantasy series about Brianna Hai, the half-human daughter of the King of the Fae. Like Hamilton's Meredith Gentry, Brianna is not sure she can survive deadly Fae politics and is living in the human world, running an occult shop. When her father's enemies attack, however, Brianna can no longer ignore her heritage. -Jill Hendrix, store owner 
Price: 7.99 USD
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Simon Pulse 2016 1481422634 / 9781481422635 PAPERBACK . 
Simon Pulse 7/12/2016. New paperback. A thriller written by a local author and set in the Blue Ridge mountains! Store pick, recommended by Jill and Nancy M.: A harrowing survival thriller set in the Blue Ridge Mountains about a teenage equestrienne kidnapped by a serial killer who must dig down deep to find the will to first survive then triumph. You won't be able to put this one down! -Jill, store owner, and Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 10.99 USD
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Ballantine Books 1995 0345391802 / 9780345391803 PAPERBACK . 
Ballantine Books 11/1/1995. New paperback. Store pick: Recommended by Ike, store employee. 
Price: 7.99 USD
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Putnam 2017 0399171630 / 9780399171635 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Putnam 5/16/2017. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick, recommended by Melissa: Mariko lives in feudal Japan, where her family is well off, but as a girl, she's never known the freedom she's wanted. When her escort is attacked on the way to the imperial city and she is left for dead, Mariko decides to take the opportunity to solve her own problem instead of letting the men do it for her. When she finds the Black Clan, an outcast group of warriors and the ones she blames for the attack, she infiltrates their ranks dressed as a boy in order to learn how best to bring them down. But as she gets to know the boys in the Black Clan, she's no longer certain that she knows what's best. Ahdieh's character development and setting make this book great, and I can't wait for the sequel. -Melissa O., store employee 
Price: 17.99 USD
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Balzer & Bray 2017 0062348701 / 9780062348708 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Balzer & Bray 4/11/2017. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick, recommended by Melissa: Molly is a serial crusher. Even though she's had 26 crushes in her 17 years, she's never been kissed, much less had a boyfriend. And now that her twin sister Cassie has her first real girlfriend, Molly can't help but feel like the experience is making them grow apart. Luckily, Cassie's girlfriend has a single best friend, a cute hipster guy, who just might be perfect crush material. Except Molly kind-of likes her awkward, geeky co-worker Reid, too. Molly's struggles with self-acceptance and relationships, both romantic and familial, will strike a chord with YA readers, who will fall in love with Molly as easily as they fell in love with Simon. -Melissa O., store employee 
Price: 17.99 USD
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St. Martin's Griffin 2017 1250130638 / 9781250130631 PAPERBACK . 
St. Martin's Griffin 5/30/2017. New paperback. Store pick, recommended by Jill: Fall under the spell of the magical Sarah Addison Allen as she weaves a Southern fairytale of a lost lake, a boy who turned himself into an alligator, and a series of second chances for newly-widowed Kate, her daughter Devin, and her eccentric great-aunt Eby. -Jill Hendrix, store owner 
Price: 8.99 USD
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Tor Books 2017 0765379953 / 9780765379955 PAPERBACK . 
Tor Books 4/11/2017. New paperback. Store pick, recommended by Adam: A perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy. Wizard meets science genius, or versus, or romantically entangled, or childhood friends now at odds with their world views, but are still attracted to each other. Great first book from Charlie Jane Anders, one of my favorite IO9 editors. -Adam, store volunteer (Jill's brother) 
Price: 15.99 USD
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Andrews McMeel 2016 1449478395 / 9781449478391 PAPERBACK . 
Andrews McMeel 5/3/2016. New paperback. Store pick, recommended by Jill: My favorite cat humor book since I Could Pee on This! -Jill Hendrix, store owner 
Price: 14.99 USD
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HarperCollins 2015 0061992275 / 9780061992278 PAPERBACK . 
HarperCollins 1/6/2015. New paperback. Store pick: This book was inspired by Ivan, a gorilla who lived for 27 years in a shopping mall cage and was eventually released to the Atlanta Zoo. The fictional Ivan also lives in captivity in a mall and whiles away his days thinking about art and painting pictures. He is resigned to his fate until a baby elephant named Ruby arrives. He soon realizes he must do something to save her from this life. Using art as his only tool, he creates a new reality for her, and unwittingly for himself too. This is a life-affirming tale of love, friendship and the power of one individual to bring about monumental change for the good. Readers of all ages will love this book. -Kathleen, store employee (seconded by Cynthia, store employee) 
Price: 7.99 USD
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Minotaur Books 2017 1250092167 / 9781250092168 PAPERBACK . 
Minotaur Books 1/17/2017. New paperback. Store pick, recommended by Nancy M.: City of the Lost is a story of a unique town called Rocton in the middle of nowhwere in the Yukon. It is a city for those who want to be lost. You apply secretly to a group who claims to be able to protect and hide you from abusive spouses or hit men or other people out to do you harm. If you are accepted (supposidly only true victims can get in after heavy vetting) you are instructed on what to do and where to go. Casey Duncan is a brilliant homicide detective with a deep dark secret in her past – one only her best friend Diana knows. So when Diana finally agrees to run away from her abusive ex, Casey decides it is time for her to run also, because her past seems to be catching up with her. Rocton isn’t really a city – it is a community of several hundred who must be totally self sufficient. Rocton has rules to help protect everyone – no phones, no internet, no communication with the outside world and a structure of bartering and jobs so everyone can contribute. But it also has the same problems any small town would have with rule breakers and crime. When the committee accepts Diana and Casey, Eric Dalton, the sheriff of Rocton reluctantly agrees to give Casey a 6 month trial as his deputy as people are disappearing and he fears something very serious is going on. As Casey begins investigating there are soon way more questions than answers. The committee, it seems, has been letting people with dubious pasts bribe their way into Rocton so no one may be whom they are supposed to be. Lots of twists and turns and surprises make this a great thriller and mystery and the beginning of a new series. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 15.99 USD
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Minotaur Books 2017 1250092175 / 9781250092175 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Minotaur Books 2/7/2017. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store Pick, recommended by Nancy M.: A Darkness Absolute is the second installment about the secret town of Rockton. A place where everyone has a secret and very few can be trusted. Casey Duncan is just starting to learn her way around as homicide detective when a woman who had been missing for over a year is found in a cave and her disappearance is linked to the disappearance and murder of two others. Rockton is like no other town and the surrounding area is harsh and dangerous so normal investigative skills must be mixed with survival skills and lots of gut instincts. A Darkness Absolute will not disappoint. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 25.99 USD
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The Viking Press 2016 0147513650 / 9780147513656 PAPERBACK . 
The Viking Press 3/1/2016. New paperback. Store pick, recommended by Jill: On a Greyhound bus headed from Jackson, MS (aka Mosquitoland) back to Cleveland, Ohio, 16-year-old Mim knows that if she can get to her sick mother by Labor Day, then all the confusion of the divorce, her new stepmom, and the recent move will no longer matter. Mim's voice in this amazing amalgam of a love story, a road trip novel, and a coming-of-age story, will stay with you long after you finish Mosquitoland. -Jill Hendrix, Fiction Addiction 
Price: 10.99 USD
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HarperTeen 2016 006231064X / 9780062310644 PAPERBACK . 
HarperTeen 6/7/2016. New paperback. 2016-17 SC Young Adult Book Award nominee. Store pick, recommended by Jill (seconded by Melissa): Imagine the violence of The Hunger Games, the backstabbing and betrayal of The Game of Thrones, more superpowers than The X-Men, and a simple girl, Mare Barrow, who becomes betrothed to a prince while falling in love with his brother and at the same trying to protect her childhood friend, Kilorn. Red Queen is an amazing debut YA novel that will leave you waiting desperately for the next entry in the series. -Jill Hendrix, store owner, and seconded by Melissa, store employee 
Price: 10.99 USD
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Grand Central Publishing 2017 153875990X / 9781538759905 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Grand Central Publishing 10/3/2017. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick, recommended by Nancy M.: Rosalind Ryan, a beautiful young teacher, is found dead floating in a lake near the high school right after the performance of a play she wrote and directed. The case is assigned to Det. Gemma Woodstock who should have refused the case because she knew the victim when they attended high school together 10 years previously and Gemma still has secrets from that time that she wants to keep hidden. Gemma has never really come to terms with what happened back then and it is part of the reason she seems unable to have a stable relationship with the father of her young child. The victim Rosalind Ryan is herself as much of a mystery as is who killed her. She seemed to be either loved and idolized or hated – but never understood. Dark Lake is dark. The characters are flawed and not really all that likeable, but Gemma is a good detective and she is determined to find out who killed Rosalind even if it means stirring up memories of a past she would rather forget. Dark Lake is about teen depression, jealousy, and passion and the tragedy that results from misguided actions. It is no coincidence that the brilliant play written by the victim was a modern day retelling of Romeo and Juliet. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 26.00 USD
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Gallery Books 2017 1501157663 / 9781501157660 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Gallery Books 8/1/2017. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick, recommended by Nancy M.: Ripped from the headlines of an on-line pod cast that reopens murder cases, this really well written psychological thriller moves rapidly through time as it unravels the circumstances surrounding a small town murder. Twin sisters, who were young teens when their father was murdered and their already mentally ill mother ran away to join a cult, are caught up in this story as each of their lives become social media fodder. Josie was so affected by the tragedies in her past and what she saw as a complete betrayal by her twin Laine that she moved away, changed her name, and lied to her boyfriend about her past. Laine, who witnessed the murder of their father, became the bad seed. She ran with a bad crowd, used drugs, drank too much and caused heartache for all who once cared about her. The suicide death of their mother , whom they had not seen or heard from in 12 years, brought them all back together and forced them to face the past whether they wanted to or not, as they were both hounded by investigative reporter Poppy Parnell . The episodes of the very popular podcast trying to get to the truth forced both girls to re-examine what they knew and remembered. Guilt, trauma, memories are all a huge theme of the book as are lies. Lies to protect those you love, lies to protect yourself from more pain, lies that you may not realize are lies. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 26.00 USD
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Square Fish 2013 1250027438 / 9781250027436 PAPERBACK . 
Square Fish 5/7/2013. New paperback. 2014-15 SC Junior Book Award nominee. Store pick, recommended by Melissa O.: Alina is an orphan, and her best friend Mal is the only home she's ever known. When Alina shows a power she never knew she had, she's immediately taken to train with the Grisha, a team of seeming magicians whose leader, the Darkling, sees Alina as their kingdom's only hope against the Shadow Fold, a darkness that has ripped a hole in their land. As Alina's powers are tested, she learns that things at court aren't as they appear, and power in the wrong hands could be devastating. This book made me laugh and cry and hold my breath waiting for the worst and hoping for the best. YA fantasy at its best, and I LOVED it. -Melissa O, store employee 
Price: 10.99 USD
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Disney-Hyperion 2016 1423152204 / 9781423152200 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Disney-Hyperion 9/6/2016. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Illustrated by Adam Rex. Store pick, recommended by Melissa: Mac Barnett and Adam Rex have done it again, this time with a masterful collaboration on the making of books. Sure to fascinate any future writer (or reader), and have grown-up readers laughing out loud, this will be a book that is requested over and over. -Melissa O., store employee and mother of two. 
Price: 17.99 USD
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Amulet Paperbacks 2017 1419727370 / 9781419727375 PAPERBACK . 
Amulet Paperbacks 10/3/2017. New paperback. Co-written by Jory John. Illustrated by Kevin Cornell. Store pick, recommended by Melissa: Miles was the prankster at his old school. But now that he's moved to Yawnee Valley, it looks like someone else has already claimed that title -- and he might be even better than Miles. A battle of pranks ensues, until the newly minted Terrible Two decide to join forces to pull off the biggest prank in Yawnee Valley history. A hilarious joint effort by Mac Barnett and Jory John that is sure to have kids laughing out loud and planning their own pranks (watch out, parents!). -Melissa O., store employee 
Price: 7.99 USD
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Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill 2016 1616205679 / 9781616205676 HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill 8/9/2016. New hardcover. in Brand New jacket. Later printing. Store pick, recommended by Melissa: If stories are magic, then Kelly Barnhill must be ever so powerful, because this story is the best kind of magic. Witches and monsters and dragons, sorrow and hope and love, especially love, all wound together in a fairy tale so perfect I want to read it again and again and again. This is definitely on my list of favorites. -Melissa O., store employee Newbery Award Medalist. 
Price: 16.95 USD
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