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Store Picks

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William Morrow 2018 006257258X / 9780062572585 PAPERBACK . 
William Morrow 2/13/2018. New paperback. Store pick: A beautiful young girl disappears on her way to school. Years later her body is found but the murderer is never caught. Morris Kaufmann is now a cold case inspector and when DNA is finally recovered from the clothes of the young girl he thinks he is well on his way to making a huge name for himself, as the abduction and murder of Annalise Wood received much notoriety at the time of the abduction and years later when the body was found. He seeks help from his old partner, Chloe, and they soon discover that the one thing they thought they knew – that the body was that of Annalise - is now in question. Look For Her is a terrific psychological thriller with many twists and turns. The sensationalization of the abduction and murder affected many people as did the lies told by those close to Annaliese. It is up to Morris and Chloe to figure out who was buried in Annalise’s clothes and who murdered her, and how two unrelated patients of a local psychiatrist, both of whom were obsessed with Annalise, might be involved in the case. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 15.99 USD
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Nancy Paulsen Books 2018 0399246533 / 9780399246531 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Nancy Paulsen Books 8/28/2018. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Illustrated by Rafael Lopez. Store pick: Woodson puts words to the feeling everyone has had at some point in their lives of being different from everyone around them. This beautiful book celebrates those differences and encourages readers to share themselves and listen as others share so that we can all grow. -Melissa O., store employee 
Price: 18.99 USD
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Tor Books 2018 0765380099 / 9780765380098 First Edition, First Printing. HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Tor Books 1/16/2018. New hardcover. First Edition, First Printing. in Brand New jacket. Store pick: Attia is the last of her warrior people after the Romans conquered her land. Now she's a slave, given to Xanthus, a champion gladiator, as a reward for his victories in the arena. Attia has vowed to fight the Romans until she gains her freedom or dies trying, but she doesn't count on Xanthus, a fellow slave, treating her with such care and gentleness. As the two form a relationship that goes beyond their shared bonds, Attia finds herself fighting for Xanthus as much as herself. This book will appeal to fans of strong, fierce female characters, and though there's no magic, fantasy fans will have much to love in the world of the ancient Romans. -Melissa O., store employee 
Price: 17.99 USD
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Picador 2018 1250150302 / 9781250150301 PAPERBACK . 
Picador 12/31/2018. New paperback. Releases 12/31/18. Store pick: An outstanding novel, amazingly written that will appeal to lovers of literary fiction as well as to lovers of psychological suspense. Grist Mill Road starts with the innocence of childhood and childish reactions to things they should not have to face. A terrible childhood crime changes the lives of three people. It changes them in ways they are aware of but even worse it affects their future in ways they can’t imagine. Especially since they are each hiding something very important about what happened leading up to that day. As their lives interesect twenty seven years later we see how each of the three has come to terms with what has happened, and a gripping plot with twists and turns takes this incredibly well written story to its ultimate conclusion. -Nancy M., store volunteer 
Price: 18.00 USD
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Delacorte Press 2016 0553496689 / 9780553496680 HARDCOVER in Brand New jacket. 
Delacorte Press 11/1/2016. New hardcover. in Brand New jacket. Later printing. 2018/19 SC Young Adult Book Award Nominee. Store pick: Natasha knows from experience that dreams will get you nowhere, so she keeps herself well-grounded. Even when she's hours away from being deported with her family back to Jamaica. Daniel is a poet at heart, a romantic who believes in fate and destiny, so when he sees a girl standing out from the crowd, he doesn't think twice about ditching his parent-sanctioned college interview to go after her. A series of coincidences have them meeting several times, but is it enough to convince Natasha to believe in the meant-to-be future that Daniel sees? I loved Yoon's gorgeous writing and couldn't help falling in love with the characters myself. -Melissa O., store employee 
Price: 18.99 USD
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Random House 2007 0375842209 / 9780375842207 PAPERBACK . 
Random House 9/11/2007. New paperback. Anniversary Edition. Store pick: This is one of the best-written books I've ever read. It's categorized as YA, but don't let that deter you from reading it. And if you shy away, thinking it's one more book about the Holocaust, don't. It's written with such a fresh perspective, and such beautiful uses of language, you will find yourself not wanting to put it down. Zusak shows us that not every German believed in the Nazi party and how there were good people who committed small acts of subterfuge, risking their own lives in order to retain their humanity. -Nancy R., store employee 
Price: 14.99 USD
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